Sunday, June 5, 2011

HuffPost/AOL - the place to go if you want to watch ignorance in action...

More laughs from the less-than-educated folks at HuffingtonPost/AOL:

Sarah Palin made comments about Paul Revere, stating that, prior to his famous ride, he had warned the British they would not take away our arms.

Some of the folks at HuffPost/AOL made the following comments - each is followed by my own, more factual comments:


"They weren't going to take our arms away"???
Where is that from?
That was a time when common people needed guns! What a jack@ss!
I never read anything like that!
She's smoking a peace pipe, and blowing the smoke up NRA members butts!

[EDITOR - I really hate to break this to you, JohntheMac, but the British had already begun confiscating arms from the colonists under the order of the King. Just prior to the start of the Revolution, colonists had to attack Fort William & Mary to retreive the confiscated weapons. So perhaps you should brush up on your history before spouting tripe. And for the record, "common people" still need guns. A lot of "common folk" would starve if they could not hunt and fish. And in our cities, the unarmed citizen is what is known as "prey".]

Reincarnation TPS

Is folksy another way of saying dvmb......­..........

[EDITOR - Is "dvmb" a liberal's way of spelling "dumb'? Anyone who cannot spell "dumb" should not be calling anyone else dumb.]


Here is the difference between PaIin and Obama, troIIs.

If you were to ask Obama about "57 states," he would say, "Of course I misspoke. I know there are 50. I meant 57 states and territorie­s."

When Sarah PaIin is asked about her ignorant Paul Revere comments, she doubles down on the ignorance.

[EDITOR - Wow - one of Huffpost's "moderators"! So pleasant and civil, calling those who disagree as "trolls". As for Obama "meaning" 57 states and territories, that is bogus - he said he had CAMPAIGNED in 57 states. And he never campaigned in the territories, because they do not vote for President. So, HuffPost Moderator, you are spinning, as usual. And for the record, Palin's comments were factually correct.]

Jeff Klenck

goodbye Sarah we've finally "gotcha"..­ can't rewrite history and no sane person would ever allow you too.

[EDITOR - First, the word you are looking for is "to", not "too", and we learn in 3rd grade grammar that you do not end a sentence with a preposition. Not that you would know what a preposition is, however. Strange how all you libs call Palin dumb... And it is very telling that you seem to be admitting that you libs are actively trying to get Palin with "gotcha" questions. As for rewriting history, these posts by the HuffPost libs prove that no one can rewrite history like the liberals. Palin is factually correct.


Shame on you people giving Sarah a hard time about her Paul Revere Statement. She witnessed the whole Paul Revere episode on her porch in Alaska while patroling for Russians on their shoreline!

[EDOTOR - this is the same kind of lame attempt at sarcastic comedy that SNL used to propagate the story that Palin said she could see Russia from her house. The fact that it was only Tina Fey and not Palin who made that comment seems to elude liberals. So now can we expect libs to start saying Palin patrols for Russians on the shore? Why is it impossible for liberals to be civil, and try to argue their points based on the merits of their argument, and not just write this claptrap?]


What she (Sarah) should do is just keep her mouth shut. Don't speak in public, don't answer any questions, don't provide any commentary­.

She uttered this nonsense in front of her daughter. As they say, "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

[EDITOR - You should have stuck to being thought a fool rather than remove all doubt. A heads up - this is America, where everyone has the right to speak out - even you. Conservatives never attempt to shut liberals up, but libs are always trying to shut up conservatives. If you doubt that, look at the record - every time a conservative speaks in public, they get pies thrown at them, rushed onstage, or heckled. I have yet to see that happen to libs. And once more - Palin was factually correct. If libs were not so intent on rewriting history, you would know that.]


It's bad enough that Sarah is the stupidest politician in history , but she won't even admit
when she is wrong, which is most of the time. She can't even get basic facts on basic
history. If we got attacked, she wouldn't know which country to attack, so she's like Bush.

[EDITOR - People so full of hate and ignorance. Let's see - there is no such word as "stupidest", so who is the most stupid? And she is not wrong. As for her intellect, it obviously far exceeds yours, since she got through college, got elected mayor, got elected governor and had an 82% approval rating, got chosen for VP nominee, wrote two best sellers, had a hit reality show - and does not say "stupidest" - um, may I ask what YOU have accomplished in just 15 years? By the way - Bush graduated Yale. How 'bout you?]

Look, folks, although I respect Palin I am not a big fan. But anyone who says she is stupid, dumb etc. is being nothing less than stupid, themselves. Palin is VERY bright - you have to be in order to accomplish what she has, and in such a short time. Who else can command 24/7 media attention without even trying? Not even Obama. And unlike Obama, she does not need a teleprompter, and is not befuddled when it breaks down.

I remember when Palin warned Tea Partiers "not to party like the Tea Partiers in 1773", and the liberal media excoriated her for getting the date wrong. They insisted it was 1776. But upon checking, they later discovered, to their horror of ignorance, that the Tea Party did, indeed, take place in 1773. The Revolution did not begin for another three years - 1776. So, it seems the lib media rewrites history simply because they do not KNOW history, so they make it up as they go along.

As for rewriting history - it is the liberals who have written books and produced movies that cheer the greatness of Che & Mao. And despite actual letters written by the founders, it is liberals who keep rewriting history to say they were atheists, or did not want religion in the public square or in government.

Frankly, the one thing in this world that could make this world 100% better would be for liberals to be honest, and stop spinning everything to push their agenda. The truth is far more important than any agenda. If you have to spin in order to make your point, then you really don't have a point.


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