Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Can You Guess Who Said This? Check it out...

I was watching an interview with a powerful political figure. The question was, "What do you think about giving billions in foreign aid to contries that do not like us, in an effort to help bring about a democracy, or to buy their help in certain matters?"

The person being interviewed said the opposite of what every other powerful political figure has said. This person said, "We should give aid based on results, not promises. If a country acts in such a way as to prove they are deserving of our aid, we should give it. But to just hand them money and HOPE they will use it correctly, or to be our ally is a fool's game. I would gladly pay for results. But I would not waste our precious resources on promises that will probably never materialize."

I was shocked to hear any political figure take that stand - but I heartily agree. As a business owner, I understand that it is wise to pay only for results - not excuses, or unfulfilled promises. In other words, if you want the horse to move, you dangle a carrot ahead of him. You do not give him the carrot, then expect him to walk for you. But our politicians never learned that simple strategy.

So, who was the person with such matter-of-fact common sense?

Sarah Palin, interviewed by Greta Van Susteren.

And the liberals have spent two years and millions of their dollars trying to convince us she is an idiot. But those who believe them are the real idiots.

Granted, she may not have the depth of knowledge of history of policies that is necessary to make a good president. But whatever you do, do not underestimate her. And do not assume she is dumb!


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