Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too Funny For Words

For 8 years we have heard the liberals cry and moan about the "Bush Tax Cuts."

Today, with the public wanting to have those cuts extended, Speaker Pelosi came out and said that "the Obama middle class tax cuts" will be extended.

My jaw dropped - the Bush tax cuts the liberals reviled for years are now suddenly the Obama tax cuts, merely because they are being extended.

Leave it to Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the liberal elite to rename everything to suit their own agenda, and to insure they get credit for anything that is good - even if they fought against it for years.

Never, ever have I seen such dishonesty in a political party as now infects the Democrat party. Not to be confused with the Democrats on the street. I'm talking about the Democratic politicians who use every type of deception to push their agenda.


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