Thursday, September 2, 2010


OK, so everyone heard about Glenn Beck's rally to Restore Honor in DC last Saturday. And, despite the left trying to minimize the number of participants, the latest figures show somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 people.

One man made this happen. And one man insisted it not be political - and it was not.

And here is where things begin to get pathetic...

The liberal media today tried to say, "on any given day at the Washington Mall you would have 80,000 people, anyway." Now, I have spent many days, weeks and long months in DC. I have walked the mall at least a hundred times. And, except when there was a big to-do, like the pot-smoking sit-in back in the '70's, I have never seen more than a couple hundred people on the mall at any given point.

But it gets worse. Now the hard left loons are going to hold their own march on Washington on 10/10/2010. They are attempting to draw at least as big a crowd as Beck drew. But here is the really pathetic part - a total of 17 different far left organizations are rallying together to try and make this happen. Not just one man. 17 organizations, including the powerful AFL-CIO, SEIU and 15 other member orgs, and they are pressuring their membership to show up.

Frankly, even with such a vast machine exerting its power, I seriously doubt the left can bring that many people together. And that is the most pathetic thing of all - with their huge memberships and coordinated efforts they should be able to draw millions. But they are unlikely to draw more than 30,000 because the vast majority of their members are not in lock-step with the far-left agenda of the leadership.

And I would bet the farm that, unlike Beck, the left will not leave out the politics, the smears or the hatred they have for anyone who dares to disagree with their socialist agenda.

I'm looking forward to watching it - from a distance - and compare it to the peacefulness and love, devoid of politics that was present on 8/28.


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