Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time To Accept Responsibility?

The other day Nancy Pelosi was again taped saying that our problems were caused by the Bush Administration. But what a lot of folks do not understand is that the Democrats have not been in power for "only two years" - they have been in power for FOUR years.

The lawmaking body, Congress, has been fully in Democrat hands since January 2007. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been running things for four long years. Isn't it about time they started taking some of the responsibility for that? Even the first TARP bill, laid on Bush, was written and passed by the Democrat controlled Congress.

Hey, Pelosi - I, for one no longer want to hear you and Harry Reid whine about how everything is STILL Bush's fault. You've had 4 years - when does it become YOUR responsibility.

Meanwhile, John Kerry (D) has taken a new tack - he says the reason why Democrats are losing in the polls is because the voters (you) are not bright enough to know what is good for them and are uninformed.

And the blame game goes on - it's always someone else's fault!


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