Thursday, September 30, 2010

It Raises Questions

Over the last few days a stink has arisen over the illegal status of California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's former maid. And while the liberal media are trying to make hay with it, attempting to make Whitman look like a hypocrite, there are serious questions that are not being raised.

I will overlook the fact that the maid's attorney, Gloria Allred, is little more than an ambulance chaser who digs up bogus clients for the sole purpose of getting her own mug in the spotlight. And I will overlook that this has come up at a most convenient time for those who will benefit from it. I overlook those points because there are more important questions the press should have been asking.

1) If Whitman wanted to hire an illegal, why would she call a legitimate agency and have them send someone over?

2) If Whitman knew she was illegal, why was she paying the maid $23 per hour?

3) If Whitman knew she was illegal, there would be no point in paying her Social Security and withholding - yet, she did

4) If Whitman had actually received a letter from the Social Security Administration, how did it end up in the possession of Gloria Allred?

5) If Whitman knew the maid was illegal all along, why did she terminate her in 2009 when the maid, herself disclosed after 9 years that she was an illegal? (Why tell Whitman she is illegal if Whitman already knew?)

It seems to me - and to most intelligent, thinking people - that the maid, and her attorney are being dishonest. We already know the maid lied to the agency. We already know she lied to Whitman - after all, why would she, by her own admission, tell Whitman in 2009 that she was illegal unless she had previously had Whitman thinking she was legal? And the maid is already a proven identity thief - she had produced both a Social Security number and a driver's license.

So the last question is - why should we now believe anything she has to say?


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