Friday, September 24, 2010

A Fence On The Border?

If you want to start a real dust up with liberals, suggest building a fence on the border. The result will be they will call you a bigoted racist, among other things.

The President of Mexico, Phillippe Calderone has called Americans racist for wanting to secure our borders. He has even considered suing Arizona. And when he visited Obama, Calderone blasted those who want a fence.

Which brings us to the news item of the day - president Calderone has decided to build his own fence, on his southern border. The reason is to keep out the illegal immigrants coming up from Central and South America who are putting a strain on Mexico's resources.

Can anyone say HYPOCRITE?

And where are all those American liberals who blast us for wanting a fence? Why are we hearing nothing from them about Calderone's fence?

Again, it seems that HYPOCRITE is the word of the day.


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