Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They Just Are Not Gettin' it

Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats (i.e. the politicians) are both equally ignorant of what is going on in America this year. Neither understands what the Tea Party is doing, or, more to the point, why.

The Democrats in power, along with most of the liberal media still believe it is a bunch of angry, Bible-thumping white Americans, albeit a group that threatens the Democrats. But they still do not consider it a big threat, because they are jubilant that their candidates will be going up against Tea Party candidates instead of establishment Republicans. I think they have another shock coming...

The Republicans in power are making a different mistake, but theirs is even worse, i.e. dumber. They think the Tea Partiers are on their side, simply because they are running as Republicans. But they are not on their side, by any means. In fact, the Tea Partiers are just as frustrated with the GOP as they are with the Democrats.

So, for those politicians wise enough to grasp simple concepts, let me break it down for you...

Both the GOP and the Democrat parties see things through a political lens. To them, the important thing is for the party to win. Period. And that means if they need to set aside, or abandon their principles in order to win, that is exactly what they will do. To them, it is all about being the party in power. Nothing else matters - not ethics, not honesty, not principles, and obviously not the will of the American people.

But the Tea Party is different. They simply do not care about party. They care only about principles, and standing on them, win, lose or draw. They have no inclination to set aside their principles just to get elected. They believe, rightfully, that if you abandon your principles in order to win, then you have already lost. You may get elected that way, but you still lose what is important.

On Greta tonight, I listened to Mitch McConnell, whom I have always liked. But even he does not get it. He told Greta that he is not concerned with "tea party" politics because they are still running as Republicans and it means nothing more to him than being the leader of a larger group of Republicans after the election. In short, Mitch thinks the only thing that counts is winning, and standing on principle is optional.

It's not.

Assuming Mich manages to keep his seat, I think he and other "election survivors" will learn the hard way that the Tea Party Senators and Representatives will not be led around by the GOP. Rather, THEY will do the leading, and the Old Guard had better follow.

Here it is, GOP - the Tea Party Express is a powerful movement because it is made up of we, the people. And we, the people will no longer tolerate politics being more important that doing the people's business in an honest, ethical manner. So, GOP, you have a choice - you can get on the train, or you can get out of the way, or you can get run over. But what you cannot do is "business as usual".


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