Friday, September 24, 2010

Death Panels? Who says?

There is a drug currently on the market and approved by the FDA that successfully treats some otherwise untreatable cancers. But it costs $7700 per month. And most insurance policies cover it. It extends lives.

Yesterday the FDA said it will remove its approval of the drug "because it is too expensive." Not because it is risky. Just because of its cost.

So here it is, for the disbelievers - ObamaCare does not want to pay that kind of money to keep you alive, so they will disapprove a drug that can keep you alive, simply because of its cost. By disapproving it, insurance companies no longer will cover it. And people who depend upon that drug for their very lives will die.

But still the liberals tell us there will be no "death panels". But I contend they have already convened...


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