Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't Feed The Bears

If you go to any of the National Parks you will see signs everywhere warning you not to feed the bears. In fact, it is illegal. And the reasons are sound.

If you feed the bears, they will come to expect it. They will learn to depend upon it. And when you run out of food to give, they will demand more and get mean, angry, and will attack you when there is no more. Bears WILL bite the hand that feeds them if it stops feeding them.

Throughout Europe today - Spain, France, Greece etc. - the people have taken to the streets, rioting, burning cars, looting, hurting people. All trains and other common carriers, as well as most other services have shut down. The reason? Same thing - the governments that gave their people all those handouts (entitlements) can no longer afford to do so, and have cut back severely in order to get their finances in order. And the people who have come to expect, depend upon and even demand those handouts are furious - they don't want the free ride to end. They feel cheated because they can no longer mooch off those that do the work.

America is heading in the same direction. All our entitlements are bankrupting us, but the people who get those entitlements just don't care, as long as they get "theirs". And the day is coming when our government will also have to get its financial house in order, and the only way that can be done is to cut entitlements. And the rioting will begin. The bears will be angry, and will get mean.

The strange thing is, our Constitution does not allow for entitlements, and no one is "entitled" to anything that they, themselves have not earned. Yet they are precisely the ones who will riot in the streets.

We, The People need to come to our senses and stop providing "entitlements" that people simply are not entitled to. If we keep on the current course, the bears will attack!


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