Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Have We Seen This Before

In today's news, the following:

"Newly proposed legislation by Democrats would give the federal government authority to seize and even switch off the Internet during a national crisis."

Now let's see - wasn't it Rahm Emanuel that said "Never let a serious crisis go to waste"?

The problem, while overlooked by many, is simply this - WHO determines what constitutes a "crisis"? The Feds, of course. And in the past 18 months alone the Obama administration has noted a "crisis" no less than 6 times. So, according to this bill, they could shut down the internet WHENEVER they wish, for whatever reason(s) that appeal to them.

Imagine if in 1776 the British were able to shut down communications between the colonies, thereby preventing Americans from participating in the Revolution.

Now I will ask just one simple question:

"Where have we seen this before - a government that sets itself up to be able to shut down the internet in their countries?"

The answer: Communist China, Communist Venezuela, Communist Cuba, Communist North Korea, Pakistan & Iran.

Is that where America wants to go? Are those the countries we wish to emulate?

Tell your congress persons to reject this tyrannical idea. The free flow of information is the greatest protection of freedom for us all.


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