Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Such Unbelievable Arrogance

(June 23) -- "The Mexican government has thrust itself into the legal battle against Arizona's controversial immigration law, joining U.S. advocacy groups in federal court to argue that the measure is unconstitutional and violates the basic rights of Mexican citizens.

"Lawyers for Mexico filed a brief supporting a lawsuit brought by the ACLU, the National Immigration Law Center and others against the Arizona law

"Mexico has a duty to protect its citizens and ensure that ethnicity is not used as criteria for discriminatory acts," the court document states. Mexico argues that the Arizona law threatens "the human and civil rights of its citizens when they are present in Arizona."

Now that's what I call unbelievably arrogant. What part of "illegal" do these Mexican morons not understand? Mexicans do NOT have any right to even be IN this country unless they enter legally. And if they enter legally, they need not fear the Arizona law.

If they enter illegally, they have BROKEN THE LAW. And when you break the law, just about the only right you have is the "right to remain silent".

Moreover, the Arizona law specifically states, in four different places, that ethnicity may NOT play any role in enforcing the law. These Mexican idiots and these anti-American advocacy groups like the ACLU are intentionally coloring the issue with non-truths in order top create fear. They KNOW it will not result in racial profiling, but they say it will, anyway.

I would suggest to the Mexicans to stay OUT of American legal issues, particularly when the law-breakers are Mexican. And I would suggest to the advocacy groups that if they cannot be honest, to just shut the Hell up. If you have to lie, obfuscate the truth or spin the issues in order to push your agenda, then your agenda is WRONG!

The ONLY thing the Mexican government should be doing is telling their people to NOT break American law, and to help control their own side of the border. After all, if they do not want their citizens to be accosted in the U.S., simply keep them OUT of the U.S. That solves the problem for both sides.

As a side note, people who illegally enter Mexico are subject to two years in prison. They should consider themselves fortunate that our laws do not mimic theirs.


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