Thursday, June 17, 2010

They're BA-A-A-CK

Just when sane and intelligent people thought a little truth and sanity were beginning to come through, the far-left lunatics who touted ETHANOL are at it again. Once again they are pushing ethanol as a viable solution to petroleum, and they even have the liberals in Congress considering passing legislation that would put 15% into all gasoline products instead of the current 10% requirement.

It does not matter to these loons that ethanol has already been proven to be a very bad idea.

First, it is more expensive to produce than oil - about 80% more expensive, which is why the government pays out billions of your tax dollars as subsidies to those who make it.

Next, it takes MORE petroleum to actually make ethanol - the oil for the equipment to plant, irrigate, harvest, transport and convert plants to ethanol requires roughly 1.4 gallons of oil to produce 1 gallon of ethanol.

Next, it has already been determined that ethanol is corrosive to vehicle engines built before 2001.

And then there is the simple fact that in order to produce enough ethanol just to fuel cars and trucks would require more farm area than is available in the entire country.

And finally, it is just plain stupid to use our food supply as fuel. Since the inception of ethanol, food prices across the board have risen greatly - ice cream, pizza, beef, cheese, milk - you name it. Corn used for ethanol cannot be used to feed livestock, dairy cattle or people. Doubt it? Read the next "gallon" of ice cream you buy - you will note that it is no longer a gallon, or even close to it. It is only 3/4 of a gallon, but the price has still increased, though the amount has decreased.

Ethanol is just another lie the liberals and "greenies" tell in order to push their own insidious agenda designed to bring America down to the level of the rest of the world, all in the name of "saving the planet". Even though America is polluting less than any other industrial nation - and the greatest polluters have already stated they will not reduce their own emissions.

Wake up, America. In almost every case, anything "green" is not green at all. Those curly lightbulbs that reduce electricity usage? Forget it. It costs three times as much to produce them, requires nearly 5 times as much glass (which is produced by heat, created by fuel), and includes a toxic element (mercury) which requires the used bulbs to be disposed of only at hazardous waste sites - and more than 95% of the population lives about 1-2 gallons of gas away from the nearest site.

Green? Not a chance.


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