Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Response To "I Am An American"

Someone who is obviously a far-left liberal sent the following response to my blog "I Am An American":

"You aren't my worst nightmare Bill. You are entitled to your opinion as others are theirs. You are no more right or wrong than anyone else. Get over yourself already.... "

The reason I know he is a liberal is because he infers that there is no right or wrong about it. That is untrue. Liberals live in a make-believe La La Land where there is no right or wrong - just differences of opinion.

The blog "I Am An American" is not an opinion piece. You do not have to agree with it, but whether you do or not, it still speaks the facts and the truth. Disagree if you wish, but it cannot be legitimately disputed.

Now, "Max", if you would like to debate the actual ISSUES, and present a good case for disagreement, by all means. But if the best you can do is "snipe" with innuendo and generalities that do not stand on their merit, then do not bother responding.


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