Friday, June 25, 2010

Democrat Hijinx

Well, they're at it again. In the House today, Pelosi and her liberal friends voted for a bill that is full of gifts for Democrats and liberals.

Earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled that the caps on campaign finance would be lifted. Anyone can contribute as they wish, provided there is disclosure. This would include corporations.

The Dems screamed bloody murder.

So, the House passed a bill that would circumvent the Supreme Court ruling, and prevent many organizations from being able to raise funds for elections. Of course, they EXEMPTED liberal organizations, including all unions, the liberal Sierra Club, the AARP and other liberal groups. They will be free to contribute. But others - primarily those with conservative leanings - would not be able to do so.

Talk about a blatant attempt to rig elections. First it was ACORN, and registering dead people. Then it was the Black Panthers with clubs at voting places, to intimidate voters. And now they want to prevent conservative groups from being able to participate.

Fortunately, it has not yet passed the senate, and I doubt that it will. But to be sure, if you berlieve that American principles of fairness should be applied across the board, contact your Senator and let them know if they vote for this travesty, you will vote for their opponent in November.

America does not need cheats, liars and crooks in Congress.


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