Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ultimate Absurdity

AOL reported a "poll" today from the absurd liberal media Harris Poll folks. There was one simple question:

"Who do you admire enough to call a HERO?"

Now for the not-so-surprising answer given the source. The Number One hero today was judged to be Barak Obama. This, in spite of the fact that, as yet, he has not done anything heroic, or of any consequence, other than get elected President - which is not "heroic" - and passing the biggest spending bill in history - also not "heroic".

It is amazing the lengths the liberal media will go to prop up this man's image. And that is only the beginning. Liberals throughout the world are fawning over him as if he were the new Messiah. Streets, schools, cities and mountains are being named after him, without him having done anything yet. Stores are creating window displays featuring him. Photos picture him with a halo. Everywhere you look you see Obama, or his image. One company said they would like to paint a giant image of him on the face of the moon, if they could.

Talk about cultism!

Well, AOL ran it's own poll, and asked TWO questions. Here are the questions and the results, from average folks:

Whom do you admire most from this list?
Jesus Christ - 46%
Ronald Reagan - 12%
Barack Obama - 10%
All others were lower

Whom do you admire least from this list?
Barack Obama - 40%
George W. Bush - 37%
John McCain - 6%
All others were lower

Isn't it strange that the AOL poll, across the board, differs so much from the Harris Poll? The Harris Poll had Obama at #1. The real poll had him at only 10% of the folks voting for him.

Again, the liberal media would have us all believe that Obama is some sort of Saviour, and they twist polls and stories to make it look true. But every time the folks are asked, it seems the opinion is quite different.

As for me, I do not have "heroes". But there are those I admire. Among them, Jesus would be Numero Uno. George Washington. Thomas Edison. Alvin York. John Wayne. Admiral Halsey. George Patton. Martin Luther King.

Sorry, Mr. President - you don't even crack the Top 1000. Perhaps if you make good and actually accomplish something noteworthy and good. But until then, you are not even in the running.


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