Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gotta Love It

Just received the following from a reader who has issues with my last post. I will print his/her message, and insert my responses as we go along. I am not editing the message to correct any of the grammatical errors, so don't blame me for them...

"im not tryin to humilate you or anything but those faxts about the raptors you are getting are from jurrasic park most likley, actaully the raptors were a intelligent "DINOSAUR""

[REPLY] I believe I did say they were intelligent, as is indicated by all the most recent research. I never even saw Jurassic Park - I'm not into juvenile Hollywood stuff. For the record, the most recent data also indicates that T-Rex was not a predator as commonly believed, but a scavenger.

"and the average brain size of a dino's brain would be the size of a peanut or smaller... and the raptors are measured up to be just above that"

[REPLY] Of course, what this reader fails to point out is that brain size does not necessarily denote intelligence.

"and turkey's are not as dumb as people take them as turkeys have some of the greatest eyes and could see a movement about up to one mile"

[REPLY] I am sorry, but vision is not connected in any way to intelligence. And it is well documented that in a heavy rain, turkeys will look up to see what is hitting them, and will drown themselves trying to figure it out. I consider that to be less than intelligent. I also have a flock of wild turkeys that visit my yard daily, and I have been observing them for years.

"and raptors wouldent devolve because raptors could not fly turkeys posses that ability"

[REPLY] Evolution has ONE function - to provide something necessary for survival. Flight is necessary for prey, more than for predator. The fact that some birds are predatory only indicates that some birds evolved to that stage. But for an efficient and dangerous predator to evolve into something that must flee at every sound or movement is absurd on its surface. Why would such an efficient killer require the ability to flee?

" on the addition that wild turkeys may be alittle fat but they are not infact those are just feathers that a shotgun would have trouble punching through thats why hunters always go for headshots on a turkey."

[REPLY] Interesting - but I don't believe I ever mentioned the fat content of turkeys. The only ones I get that close to are Butterballs.

"again im not tryin to be ignorant by any means but i want you to know some true and hard facts before posting false info"

[REPLY] If I post something, the facts have already been checked, and found to be as accurate as current data allows.


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