Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did I Miss Something?

I must have missed something important. The liberal left - including Pelosi and Obama - keep telling us we have to sacrifice to be MORE GREEN. That much I understand.

But then Pelosi, who is not an international player like the Secretary of State, flies her PRIVATE TAXPAYER JET to Italy. And OBAMA, on taxpayer money, flies every Friday to Chicago for a hot date with Michelle.

And Obama flies Air Force One to 5 states in one week, CAMPAIGNING. Pardon me for pointing this out, but I thought the election was over - he should stop campaigning and begin governing.

Moreover, it is illegal for him to use taxpayer funds to campaign. And that is exactly what he is doing - flying back and forth to the BATTLEGROUND STATES, and stumping.

The man has no time to read the bill he is signing, but has plenty of time for hot dates and campaigning.

And he uses the most UN-green method of doing so. His and Pelosi's carbon footprints are greater than any other 200 people (not counting Gore). But they tell US that we have to turn our thermostats down, and walk more.

Sorry, Mr President - I can only be led by example, if I can be led at all.

STOP campaiging on taxpayer funds
SPEND enough time in DC to at least locate the White House bathroom
And for crying out loud, READ the bills you sign.

Frankly, the President has a golden opportunity to do something absolutely brilliant (I know it's brilliant because I thought of it), and in doing so could win over a LOT of those who are currently opposed to this bill. If I were advising Obama, I would tell him this:

Get on the podium today. Look the camera right in the lens and say, "I came here today to sign this recovery bill. I have spent the last few days looking it over carefully. And I have concluded that I cannot sign this as it is written. I promised the people "NO PORK". And while there are many things in this bill that conservatives call pork, there are a couple of items that are OBVIOUS pork, and I will be giving this bill back to Congress with instructions to take those items out before giving this bill back for my signature. I am referring specifically to the 30 million dollars for protecting the sea marsh mouse, and the 8 billion for a high speed levitating rail system that will only benefit certain people in just two states. I hereby implore Congress to give me a bill that is free of those obvious and unquestionable earmarks."

If Obama would do that one, simple thing, he would instantly become a hero, even though it is barely a token gesture - less than 1% of the bill. Yet, many who now oppose him will give him a second chance simply because he did the unexpected, bucked a Congress that has a poor approval rating, and at least put on an air of fulfilling a campaign pledge.

But Obama will not do that, because he is not brilliant. Smart, yes. Brilliant, no.


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