Sunday, February 1, 2009


I was always taught that a good leader tries to uplift his or her people, and keep them energized. Take Reagan' "city on a hill" speech, as an example.

With today's dark situation, the American people need a leader who will say things like, "Sure, things are rough right now, but we are America, and nothing can ever keep us down. Let's pull together and things will get better." That sort of thing. Positive vibes. Encouragement.

But what are we getting from our Leaders today? Obama, Pelosi and Reid have all gotten in front of the camera to tell us how dire everything is, and that it can only get worse. Obama said, "This is a disaster that is not going to get better anytime soon."

While that may be an accurate asessment, it is definitely not the kind of pep talk that will fire us up, and get us pulling together. On the contrary, it sends the message that we may as well not even try, that all is lost.Bummer!

Am I the only one who does not see this as leadership?


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