Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A New Era of McCarthyism

Some of us are old enough to remember the era of McCarthyism, who used and oversaw the so-called House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950's to "root out and expose" Communists living and operating in the United States - like Lucille Ball. What a joke!

And while it sounded like a good idea to many, those of us who remember know how much damage was done to innocent people - and to the country. To this day, the word "McCarthyism" is looked upon with revulsion as a synonym for "witch hunt".

But some people never learn. We are now entering into a new era of McCarthyism; a new witch hunt, courtesy of Senator Leahy (D) of Vermont and Representative Conyers (D) of Michigan.

These two degenerates are foaming at the mouth to start a "truth commission" to look into anyone who was connected with the Bush administration, looking for dirt, and hoping to ferret out information that can be used to prosecute those in the Bush administration.

However, the fact of the matter is that Leahy and Conyers, political pariahs, have no interest whatsoever in the truth. Their only interest is to push their far-left agenda, no matter who it harms - including their party, and President Obama.

Obama, like half of all Democrats and all Republicans have stated this "truth commission" is a very bad idea, and a witch hunt. They know it will harm everyone, even the Democrats, because in every poll, the people seem to be overwhelmingly against it. They see it for what it really is. Over 70% of all Americans are opposed to this commission, for they understand it will only serve to cause greater division in our country.

Furthermore, this "truth commission" will not even look for the whole truth - although many Democrats worked in concert with the Bush administration in putting together things like the Patriot Act, none of those Democrats will be investigated. Only the Republicans. Therefore, any "truth" that comes out cannot possibly be the truth at all.

Leeches like Leahy and Conyers should, themselves, be investigated, to discover their true motives. Why would anyone purposely harm their government, their own party, and embarrass their president in this manner, just to push their personal agenda at everyone's expense?
Particularly since Democrat committees have spent two years investigating the Bush administration and have already determined nothing illegal took place.

I propose that Leahy and Conyers, if they are truly interested in any truth or justice, should form a truth commission to look into what individuals may have been involved in wrongdoings that helped cause this financial crisis. Determine the causes, and the people behind them, and prosecute anyone - even Senators - who may have been involved.

But they won't do that, because it is already known that their own - Dodd, Schumer, Frank and even Obama, himself - all were involved. We know this because it is public record that they either took millions in funding from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or got "sweetheart" loans from them.

Leahy and Conyers are not interested in seeking any truth that might implicate other Democrats, even though looking into the financial crisis that damaged this country is far more important than looking into the Bush administration policies that kept this country safe. Leahy and Conyers are only interested in getting into the limelight of fame, and be written up in history books - even if it will mean being in the company of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

It is a shame that the once revered and worthy Democrat party has been hijacked by the far left loons. Leahy, Conyers, Pelosi, Reid - all far left liberals with an agenda that is diametrically opposed to what 83% of this country really wants.

But that is what happens when a party begins accepting huge sums from the wealthy contributors, and sell their souls to people like George Soros. Once a politician is purchased, he or she will never again represent the people. They will only represent the reprehensible loons that bought and paid for their seat in Washington.

As Americans - not Democrats or Republicans - we have an obligation to take our country back, and oust the political hacks whose agenda is so apparently contrary to what America stands for. Ignore the political hype and lies put out by any party in their ads, or the news. Instead, look into the actual records, and check the TRUTH with reliable sources - not CNN, Saturday Night Live. Not the New York Times or NBC. They all have their own agenda, as was so terribly apparent in the past year.

Instead, when any party raises an issue, go check the Congressional Record, the Treasury website or the Department of Labor - any legitimate source that can back up claims made by either party. Because unless you choose to become truly informed, you WILL be duped, no matter how intelligent you think you are. That is because we can only make choices with the information we have available. If that information is misleading, or corrupt, then you cannot make good choices.

And while this will get a lot of folks into a snit, here is a little-known fact - little known because, for obvious reasons, the mainstream media will not tell you this:

Two exit polls held during the last election, one by ZOGBY and one by WILSON, presented voters with 12 simple questions relative to politics. As it turned out, two important results came out:

1) By a margin of 4-1, Republican voters were better informed and got most of the answers correct, and

2) the best informed voters claimed to get their news either from Fox News, or talk radio - or both.

Of course, liberals do not want to believe that, and you will never see those results in the mainstream media because it points out the same thing - the media is biased. But if you truly have an interest in the facts surrounding the issues, then look to sources that cover both sides. Fox and talk radio may have a consevative foundation, but in spite of that bias, they still give both sides, so you become better informed.

The rest of the media will only give the one side, and will denegrate any opposing information, or not even mention it.

After all, how many of you who do not watch Fox ever heard Obama say he would destroy the coal industry and cause the price of electricity to skyrocket? Only Fox covered that fully. On the other hand, how many of you heard from your sources that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house? Probably most of you. But did your source ever get around to telling you that was a made-up line on Saturday Night Live for a Tina Fey skit, and that Palin never said that? No, only Fox and talk radio covered that, and gave both sides. What Palin DID say was that, as governor of Alaska, the state was her "backyard", from which you can see Russia. And you CAN.

SNL twisted that to create a funny skit, which is what they do, and the mainstream media picked it up and told you the SNL version was the truth. And that is why so many people believe things that are not true, and cause them to be uninformed - or misinformed.

Which brings us back to Leahy and Conyers. Like SNL, these two clowns intend to take bits and pieces of facts, then glue them together to create a new "truth" they can then use to persecute - and prosecute - all those with whom they disagree. Which also explains why those two are also pushing for the censorship doctrine that would effectively shut down talk radio. They do not want any of us to know the whole truth. They do not want any opposing views to be heard.

And for that, Leahy and Conyers must be shut down, then evicted from their seats in Congress in the next election. We need honorable people, both Republican and Democrat. We need both in order to have balance. And we need them to be honorable in order to get good representation.

Right now, we are most unfortunate to have neither balance nor honor in Congress. We really need to do something about that!

A late note: today, President Obama's new Attorney General stated "we are a nation of cowards." Excuse me, Mr. AG - speak for yourself! He also said the average American does not talk enough about race. I guess Mr. Holder did not get the meno - you know, the definition of racism that says people who place enough importance on race to bring it unnecessarily into the conversation is a racist. It sounds like our new AG is promoting more racism, and we are cowards because we don't want to play that stupid game.


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