Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Bold Prediction

I am about to make the boldest prediction yet. And I am almost willing to bet the farm on it. Of course, in this economy, the farm ain't worth much.

So here goes - it's long, and multi-faceted, which is what makes it bold:

First, a version of this porky "stimulus" bill will pass. But it will fail. It will fail for several reasons, including

1) Most of the funds are not set to be expended for at least 18 months

2) Most of the expenditures are not designed to stimulate anything

3) Before those expenditures can even be made, the economy will start to recover on its own

When John Q Public sees the economy recovering in 2010 even without all those expensive pork projects that put their children's futures in hock, John Q is going to be very, very angry. Angry that we will now be spending a trillion dollars UNNECESSARILY, for projects we do not need. And angry from the realization that this bill was not passed because of any need to rush to fix the economy, but because Congress saw this as a golden opportunity to use fear to pass 40 years of pork spending in just 30 days.And John Q will notice something else: that inflation is setting in because this bill devalued the dollar. And he will realize in horror that Congress used fear tactics to push through a socialist agenda.

The Democrats are banking that the pork will buy them enough votes to get reelected in 2010 - that is the purpose of pork - to buy votes. But they are putting their money on the wrong side.

John Q is going to be royally - and rightfully - pissed. Just as they were with the Republicans in 2006 because they tried to sneak through a bogus immigration amnesty bill. And they will vent that anger in the voting booths all across this nation.

Meanwhile, the RNC is rebuilding the party of the true conservatives, and getting rid of all the RiNO's. By 2010, the Republican party will have better candidates, a strong message and a promise to help fix the damage caused by the Pelosi - Reid gang of thieves.

And John Q Public will do in 2010 and 2012 to the rotten Democrats what they did to the rotten Republicans in 2006 and 2008 - send them packing. By the end of the election in 2010, Republicans - TRUE republicans with conservative, financially responsible platforms - will retake both of the People's Houses in a big way. And in 2012, even the White House will be in Republican hands. Not necessarily because they will be better, though they probably will be - at first. But because the People will not forgive the Democrats, nor reward them, for nearly destroying America.

And then it will be the Democrats who will have to transition their party, as Republicans are doing now. The Democrats will have to come to the realization that their base is not the nutcase fringe on the far left, any more than the Republican base was in the liberal camp of moderates (RiNO's). The Dems will have to clean their own mess, just as Repubs are doing now.

But that will be more difficult for the Democrats than it is for the Republicans, and here is why: The Republicans have no allegiance to the RiNO's, and do not receive much funding or support from them. So the party can dump them, and revert back to its roots rather easily. The Democrats cannot do that - the far-left fringe such as, the Daily Kos and billionaire Goerge Soros have purchased the Democratic party. They own it. They fund it. If the Dems were to clean house and revert back to being the party of the people, all of that funding would dry up like a dead leaf in December. Either that, or all that far left money would be used to unseat the saner Dems, and replace them with far-left loonies who WILL do the bidding of George Soros & Company.

If not for the money aspect, coming from the far-left extremists, the parties could go back and forth in control, as would be normal. But because the Democrats may take years to regain control of their own party from within, I believe the Republicans, after gaining power, will keep it for at least a generation to come, barring any great disaster.


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