Thursday, February 12, 2009


President Obama, speaking at the site of Caterpillar, stated on camera that the president of Caterpillar said, " If this stimulus bill goes through, we can hire back some of the people we just laid off."

The same day, when a reporter asked the president of Caterpillar if he would hire back laid off workers if the bill passed, the man said, "No, not really. In fact, we will probably have to lay off some more."

It seems Obama will resort to anything - even bald-faced lies - to get his stimulus bill shoved down our throats.

The not-so-odd thing is, the only news media that showed the video of the Caterpillar president contradicting Obama was - that's right - FOX News.

It seems that the exit poll by Zogby that showed the best informed voters got their news from FOX has a lot of merit to it. Love it or hate it, you at least get both sides.


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