Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got an email today from a nutcase who thinks Republicans are bad people because we did not want to support the free condoms, or the funds for education, health and highways in the stimulus bill. He went on to say that we hate women and kids because we opposed the free condoms.

Typical liberal - only sees PART of the picture, then jumps to stupid conclusions.

For example, Republicans do not oppose CONDOMS or birth control. What we do oppose is FREE condoms. We do not believe that we should be paying for someone else to go out and party. They won't pay for my beer, so why should I pay for their condoms?

Liberals want to dance to the music, but only if someone else is going to pay the band. Here's an idea - if you cannot afford 50 cents for a condom, then you are not responsible enough to be having sex in the first place - stay home and keep it in your pants, Bubba.

I managed New Hampshire's homeless shelter for 6 years, and even the homeless could scrounge up enough to buy a freakin' condom! And they always came back drunk, so they could afford booze. So, anyone who says he cannot afford a condom is lying.

The point is, the liberals like to point to a lie and call it the truth. Because Republicans voted against giving out FREE condoms, the liberals try to paint us as being against birth control, and that is not only absurd, but a lie, as well.

And when this idiot said republicans are against education, health and highways, I had to laugh. Apparently, the loon does not realize how absurd his comment is - that even Republicans use the schools, roads and hospitals. So, NO, we are not opposed to them. We voted against them because they are not STIMULUS, and this was a STIMULUS BILL. By tacking such worthy projects onto an emergency bill passed on the quick and the sly, you do it no service. Attached to such a bill, there is no time to discuss it on its merits, repair any holes or kinks in it, and produce a bill that gets the job done right, instead of on the quick and the sly.

Education projects belong in an Education Bill. Health projects belong in a Health care bill. But the liberals just don't get it. They want to just roll everything together in one giant ball, then rush it through so nothing gets done right. Then, when it falls apart, they will blame Republicans for "not being part of the process". They will conveniently forget that Pelosi and Reid shut the Republicans OUT of the process.

I just wish liberals would try being intellectually honest instead of always spinning the truth for political purposes. When they say Republicans are "against birth control" simply because we do not want to pay for free condoms, that is just plain dishonest. When they say Rush said "I want Obama to fail...", without finishing his sentence ("...IF he is going to follow a socialist agenda."), they are being dishonest. Rush does not say he wants Obama to fail - he says he wants any socialist agenda to fail. They conveniently leave out the "IF", in a blatant attempt to spin the truth into a lie.

And I am getting damned sick of that BS. And I am not afraid to tell the truth, and say that SPINNING the truth like that is UNAMERICAN. Americans are supposed to have HONOR and INTEGRITY. And the left-wing loons that propagate this kind of BS have neither.


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