Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Liberals vs Israel

OK, so I have been Tweeting how liberals are pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. And some people are telling me I am wrong. But I am not.

On MSNBC, the so-called "journalist" claimed Israel was "over-reacting" and killing too many Palestinians in their attacks. She failed to mention that it was the Palestinians who have fired nearly 800 missiles into Israel since January, without provocation, and with Israel taking no action in retaliation until now.

As further evidence, the following post (a direct quote) is but one of many by liberal loons, found on AOL, Yahoo and Huffington Post:

Screenname - Talent Oregon
"Every single Palestinian killed by Israel is killed with an American made and American taxpayer paid for weapon. The average Palestinian is simply fodder for the pyre..."
As you can see, this moron is anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist. It is doubtful he is educated enough to know that Hamas has continually terrorized Israel with missiles without any provocation, and that Israel never retaliated until more than 800 missiles just since January have hit their soil. Not only is he ignorant of these things - it is obvious he does not care about the facts. Facts get in a liberals' way of believing the BS pushed by the far-left loons. Furthermore, this idiot actually believces that the only weapons Israel has are American made. He has no clue - the Galil sniper rifle is the finest in the world - and made in Israel. They also manuafacture their own UZI weapons.

I would ask anyone who sides with Hamas just two questions:

1) When was the last time Israel beheaded people, or shot unarmed people in the back of the head, then drag their bodies around from speeding vehicles? (Hamas are barbarians, Israeli's are civilized)

2) Just how many missiles hitting targets on American soil would be enough to get you to want America to fight back, and would you think we were the aggressors if we did?
It would be comical if not so sad that people like "Talent Oregon" never bother to state the other side of an issue - who makes the weapons used by Hamas? If he were intellectually honest, he would also state, "Every Israeli killed by Palestinians is killed by weapons made in Iran and paid for with money they get from selling their oil to China and Russia."
But then, if he were intellectually honest, he would not be a liberal.

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