Tuesday, November 27, 2012

War On Christmas - How Liberals Will Win

The mainstream media refuses to acknowledge the simple fact that liberals and atheists are waging a war on Christmas for several years. And the reason is fairly obvious - Christmas is representative of Christianity, and it is Christianity that keeps the majority of the people from embracing sinful activities. And liberals want to push for legalization of those activities. So, in order to make gains in gay marriage, man/boy love, drug use etc., liberals need to minimalize Christianity.

But to the point of this post - they will win. They will win because they are using a very sneaky tactic that no one seems to notice. And this tactic gives them the cover of legitimacy.

In simple terms, they first find a way to cause a controversy. Then they use the anger inherent in the controversy as an excuse to eliminate that which caused the controversy.

For example, last Christmas Governor Lincoln Chaffee (RI) declared that the capitol Christmas Tree would henceforth be called the "Holiday Tree". He knew that would generate controversy and anger, and that is exactly what he wanted. Because that anger and controversy gives him a legitimate excuse this year to shut down the tree lighting ceremoney altogether. Note that he did not simply shut down the tree lighting first-hand, because he would have been crucified for that. No, he first created a controversy, then uses that controversy to give him the excuse to cancel any Christmas festivities at the capitol.

The capitol in Orgegon did something quite similar. For decades there was a traditional Nativity scene at the capitol. Two years ago the liberal governor allowed some pretty nasty groups to set up some pretty nasty displays alongside the Nativity - knowing it would cause controvery. Today, there are NO religious displays at the capitol because the governor no longer allows displays - blaming the controvery.

Are you beginning to see a pattern? If so, you are among the very first.

We will be seeing more such "controversies" created artificially by liberals and atheists for the sole purpose of "ending the controvery" by ending all public displays of Christianity. And they will likely win because most people are not noticing the subterfuge being perpetrated, nor do they understand the reason behind it.


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