Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gay Marriage - A Reasonable Solution

Republicans can easily garner the support of a large part of the gay community by presenting a clean bill that gives both sides of the issue most of what they want, in a way that extricates both parties - and the government - from the issue.

1) All adult couples, regardless of sexual orientation, who want to consummate their love with a formal contract would have to do so via a Civil Union - even heterosexuals. (Bear with me - that is only the first part.) This Civil Union would be licensed by the state, and could be performed by anyone with the legal authority to do so. This Civil Union would provide EVERY united couple with all the same benefits and protections currently afforded through marriage.

2) "Marriage" would (and should) be the sole jurisdiction of the church, separate from Civil Unions. Marriage would not grant any legal benefits - it would simply be what it was created to be - a union in the presence of God, to be sanctified by the church.

3) Any adult couple, regardless of sexual orientation, may ALSO marry provided a) they are already united via a Civil Union, and b) the church will perform the ceremony. If a church chooses not to do so, they do not have to. In such case, the couple may seek marriage through a different church.

For those who are concerned with 'gay marriage" on religious grounds, you would not have to condone it. But if a church performs the ceremony, then it must be accepted, even if not supported by some individuals. The moral terpitude of an individual is not threatened by what a church deems to be acceptable.

Whether or not a couple marries should be totally up to the church. But EVERY adult couple should be entitled to a legal union that provides all the benefits and protections currently provided by marriage.

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