Monday, November 12, 2012

What Do ObamaCare, The Economy, The Environment, Immigration & Math Have In Common?

At first it seems to be a head-scratcher - what could ObamaCare, the economy, the environment, immigration and math have in common?

The common denominator is that liberals do not understand any of them, even though they are core issues that liberals advocate for. And here is proof of the pudding...

Let's take immigration for starters. Liberals want Granny to undergo full-body scans and frisking to fly from one American location to another, but they have no problem with illegal immigrants - some of which are murderers or terrorists - to be able to just saunter across our border without so much as a "hello". If you do not see the irony and stupidity in that, you are probably a liberal.

The environment is a favorite of liberals - whether it's global warming, or preventing necessary development for a population that is expanding (partly because of illegal immigrants) in order to save some stupid insect we can live without. I say, let mosquitos go extinct, and take the roaches with you. And the rats. But here is what liberals do not understand - every time they try to "protect" the environment, they actually do even greater harm.

Take ethanol, one of their favorite "green" strategies. It ruins car engines. It requires 1.8 gallons of fossil fuel to produce one gallon of ethanol. Ethanol production uses up the supply of corn, making almost all foods more expensive - cows, pigs, chickens etc - all consume corn. And that means even your ice cream and pizza starts costing more (cheese comes from corn-fed cows, folks).

Now Los Angeles liberals want a "meatless Monday", and PETA libs want a meatless America. But if we stop consuming meat, a coupla things go wrong. Over 90% of organic fertilizer comes from the manure of meat animals. No meat animals means no fertlizer for veggies. We starve. And only meats have a full complement of amino acids necessary for life. And, of course, think of the devastation to the economy as meat farmers go out of business, and hundreds of thousands who depend on them for their jobs become unemployed.

Liberals want an end to hunting, but it is hunters who provide the funds for preserving game. And if hunting stops, many game animals will over-populate and starve, since Mankind has pretty much eliminated all other natural predators.

If you think liberals have an intelligent grip on the environment, you must be a liberal.

And then there is the economy. Let's tackle math at the same time, since they go hand in hand. Liberals believe an economy works from the bottom up, or the middle out. What they never comprehend is that you cannot DISTRIBUTE anything until you first CREATE it. And the poor and middle-class do not create wealth - the poor get theirs handed to them from Uncle Sam, and the middle class earns theirs from the upper class. Wealth is ALWAYS created at the top, so the only direction it can go is DOWN.. I have proven that many times in earlier posts. And Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Milton Friedman, also proved it. In short, don't expect to get a good-paying job from a poor person.

As further evidence that liberals fail at math, only a liberal would believe you can take $716 billion from Medicare and spend it twice, which is what ObamaCare does. Or rather, tries to.

So now we are at ObamaCare. This is the ultimate in liberal lunacy, in so many ways. But I'll limit this to just a couple of the dumber points. Like fining businesses that do not provide insurance for full-time employees. Since insuring an employee costs up to $15,000/year per person, most small businesses (you know, the ones that employ over 80% of the rest of us) cannot afford that. So, they have to cut full-time workers back to part-time. And America becomes a nation of part-time workers, all of whom fall into poverty because they now only get 28 hours a week.

And it gets worse - when those businesses are forced into hiring only part-timers, liberals piss and moan, and blame the business rather than the ObamaCare that caused the problem. They threaten to boycott Pappa John's, Target, WalMart, Westinghouse, McDonald's, Applebees and others, simply because those businesses have been victimized by the ObamaCare that liberals love.

Liberals will not blame ObamaCare for forcing people out of work. They would rather blame the victims, and punish them. And when they do that, the businesses lose even MORE money, so guess what? Now they are forced to either raise prices, or lay off people. And again the dumb liberals blame the businesses for raising prices or laying folks off. They fail to understand that businesses cannot print money the way Uncle Sam can.

If you think it makes sense to punish the job creators rather than the regulations that put their businesses at risk, you must be a liberal.

One more thing - liberals also have a big problem differentiating between WORDS and ACTION. To a liberal, they are the same. When Obama says "I am willing to compromise", liberals actually believe that is the same as having compromised. The statement is enough. Obama does not need to compromise - he only needs to SAY it. Just like what he did with Hurricane Sandy. He shows up, says, "America is with you. Call, and we'll answer in 15 minutes", then he goes to play golf, not to be seen in NY/NJ again. And no one answers in 15 minutes (or at all). And the people still suffer, weeks later. But to liberals, Obama was a "Sandy Hero". It was enough for him to simply SAY he was going to help, and in the mind of a liberal, that was the same as helping.

It isn't!

When Obama says he wants to compromise, he does not mean HE will compromise. He only means that he wants REPUBLICANS to compromise. He does not realize that compromise means BOTH sides share the burden. For example, in the very next sentence after saying he was willing to compromise, Obama said he would veto any bill that did not include tax increases on anyone earning over $250k. How is that compromise, when he starts out the conversation with an ultimatum?

Only a liberal would consider that a compromise.

In all fairness, I should state that liberals cannot help themselves. Science has proven that conservatives think primarily with the analytical side of the brain that favors stronger math and logic skills, while liberals think primarily with the more creative right side of the brain, which is why liberals use imagery (granny pushed over the cliff, or "The Life of Julia") instead of logic. And the "creative" side of the brain is the side that makes it easy to lie - and even begin to BELIEVE the lies.

Unfortunately for America, we are under the rule of those who lack common sense logic and the ability to balance a budget. We are ruled by morons who draw pictures and insist on driving us to bankruptcy for the sake of phony "social justice."


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