Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama's New (non) Deportation Policy...

The prez has announced that he is instituting a new (non) deportation policy. He will not deport illegals unless they have committed a crime (he forgets that coming here illegally is a crime).

At any rate, I found the following posts on AOL/HuffPost - my comments will be found between the [ ]...

“The additional economic activity and tax revenue that undocument­ed workers provide to state and local government­s simply overwhelms the fiscal cost to provide services,” said Dan Griswald, an immigratio­n policy expert with the libertaria­n think tank CATO Institute. [Editor: So, if an unemployed American had that job instead of an illegal, does he not add that same economic activity and tax revenue? Ergo, CATO's point is pointless - just because an illegal has the job does not add any revenues at all.]

"Listen, most of the illegals are aready working and they won't be taking away your cozy office jobs because they don't qualify.Also, they can start paying taxes now that they are registered­." [Editor: Most Americans do not qualify for office jobs, either. 15 million Americans out of work, benefits run out - they would grab those jobs in a hot minute. As for paying taxes, that's a joke - people in their tax bracket pay ZERO taxes. 49% of ALL workers pay no taxes.]

"If anyone can find the clause "this bill of rights is for US citizens only" in our constituti­on then I accept that illegal residents have zero legal rights here. After all that is what was accorded to Mr. Strauss-Ka­hn who was accused of the serious crime of rape. Are you all arguing that an illegal resident has less rights than Mr. SK?" [Editor: First, the Constitution of The United States is for the United States, not Mexico or any other country. There are numerous places in the Constitution that state that it pertains to citizens. In fact, Article. IV Section. 2. states, "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States." Nowhere does it gives such privileges to non-citizens. Further, the Constitution specifically states that the federal goverment GUARANTEES to protect the states from invasion. Pardon me for saying so, but 15 million Mexicans is an invasion. And as for Mr SK - he was here legally, as president of the IMF.]

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the liberal mentality. They want open borders, amnesty etc. If that ever became law, this country would be flooded with a million immigrahts each month. So tell me, Mr Obama - what jobs will THEY take? Where will they live? Go to school? Our schools are already overcrowded, as are our hospitals, parking lots, freeways. Imagine the commute when there are twice as many people. Imagine the lousy education, packing twice as many kids into the schools. Imagine how many American kids will not be able to get into a packed college. And if you think 9.2% unemployment is bad, wait until we have an extra 50 million people...


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