Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm A New Follower of "Hill Buzz" Blog - Here's Why...

The blogger with the blog Hill Buzz is one Kevin DuJan, a gay, black male who, until 2008 was a diehard Democrat. In a recent blog, he posed the question, "What does black slavery and black Democrat voters have in common?" His answer was insightful, to say the least.

He says that plantation owners provided housing, food and basic medical care for their slaves, and all they asked for in return was their undying loyalty. And the Democratic party, via their welfare programs, provide housing, food and medical care for minorities, and all they ask for in return is their loyalty.

That is why 92% of all voting blacks always vote Democrat - no matter how ignorant or corrupt the Democrat candidate might be. They simply do not care - they are showing their loyalty for all the benefits provided by Democrats. They are slaves to the Democratic party.

DuJan also says Democrats do something similar with other minorities - by making it easy to not learn English (Dems oppose "English-only" laws), immigrants have almost no chance of being successful, and therefore become dependent upon the benefits provided by Democrats. And to insure the loyalty of women, they play the "free choice/abortion" card, convincing women that Republicans will take away their women's rights.

In short, DuJan makes the case that Democrats use "protection racket" strategies to get the loyalty of specific voting blocs. And it works, because more than half of all voters are not very well informed, and vote by party loyalty, regardless of conditions or facts. CASE IN POINT - Charlie Rangel, as corrupt as they come, keeps getting elected even after being found guilty of ethics violations.

So now the Democrats are doing the same thing to gays - which is why Mr DuJan finally opened his eyes, and left the Democrat party in 2008.

The Republicans are always the underdog because they do not resort to "bloc" tactics like that. For the most part, fear-mongering is the forte of Democrats - Repubs pushing granny over a cliff, driving us into a ditch, Repubs wanting to end Social Security, Repubs want to take us back to the 18th century, and Repubs want poor people to die...the list goes on. It is rare to see such graphic and dishonest tactics coming from the right.

In any case, Mr DuJan has managed to make a follower of his blog.


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