Saturday, August 20, 2011

If You Are Conservative, Pass This Around...

The presidential election is coming up in about a year. If you are a Republican/conservative, it would appear you have a lot of choices in the primary. But do you? Think about this...

There are four kinds of Republicans:

1) True conservative in both fiscal and social issues (Palin, Bachmann, Rubio, Christi, perhaps Gingrich types)
2) Fiscal conservative, but social liberal (Romney, Perry types)
3) Social conservative, but fiscal liberal ( none known at this time)
4) RiNO - Republican in name only (McCain types)

While the current problem facing America appears to be financial, and many Republicans will vote for someone strong in finance, that could be a huge mistake. Here's why...

Our financial problems stem largely from the exhorbitant costs of social programs gone wild, and out of control. Approximately 60% of the budget is for social programs. If we want to fix what is wrong financially, we also need to address the root of the problem and elect a true conservative - conservative in both fiscal and social issues. Someone who is willing to reform (not end) entitlements, and follow a path of fiscal responsibility - a two-pronged approach.

And here is where (and why) it gets crucial to America's regrowth --- a president affects the direction of the country for up to 8 years. But a Supreme Court Justice affects our direction for generations - 45 years after the liberal Warren Court we are still saddled with a society that kicks God to the curb.

Now think about this --- 4 of the justices are between 73 and 78 years old. The next president, if he/she serves 8 years is almost guaranteed to appoint at least one, and possibly up to three justices. Two of those elders are conservative - if either retires or dies while a Democrat president is in office with a Democrat Senate, you can kiss conservative values goodbye for generations to come.

On the other hand, if social conservatives are appointed, America has a hope of protecting the Constitution as written, and not as liberals would rewrite it to serve a "social justice" (socialist) agenda.

So, we do not simply need a Republican president. We need a true conservative, both fiscal and social. And we need enough like-minded Senators to confirm such appointments.

Anything less would spell disaster for the American way of life and the liberties we hold dear.

So, if you are a conservative who respects the Constitution, choose carefully in the primaries. This truly is the most important election in the last 150 years.


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