Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Going To Predict Obama's "Jobs Plan"...

For three years Mr Obama has been saying (over 26 times) that he will focus like a laser on jobs. During his campaign tour (while not focusing on jobs) he said he will present a "comprehensive jobs plan" - in a few weeks, after he takes his vacation hob-nobbing with other rich Democrats at Martha's Vineyard.

Gotta love all that "focus", and Mr Obama's understanding of the urgency for millions without jobs NOW!

The question is - what will his "jobs plan" consist of.

I can almost guarantee it will NOT consist of anything that will create real jobs, because he simply does not understand what it is that creates jobs - businesses, not government. He will not loosen debilitating regulations that strangle business. He will not lower the corporate tax rate to be competitive with those nations that are taking away our jobs. He will not provide "tax amnesty" on the $3 trillion in funds that American companies cannot bring back here because of the excessive tax rate. He will not eliminate capital gains taxes for 5 years, to encourage investing (providing businesses with working capital, for those who do not understand what investing really is)

What he WILL propose are the following:

1) Tax cuts - but only to those who already pay no taxes (49% of all workers) and other non-job-producers in the form of extending the "payroll tax vacation". This has been done before - and it created zero jobs

2) He will propose another stimulus (though he will call it something else, like investing in infrastructure), claiming it will create construction jobs. This, too, was tried earlier in his term, and did not create anything more than temporary jobs that added nothing to GDP because they were paid by tax money - rob Peter to pay Paul. And each job created cost Americans over $230,000 EACH.

3) He will propose extending welfare benefits and unemployment benefits, claiming the unemployed will use the money to buy stuff that others must produce, thereby creating jobs. But again, tax money cannot - CANNOT - create jobs that add to our GDP. And the Democrats' claim that $1 of welfare somehow magically puts $2 back into the economy is pure bunk. If that were true, then we should all become unemployed so we can double the money in the economy and everything would be hunky-dory. NOT!

So, why would Mr Obama present such a plan? One reason - and you can take this to the bank --- it is not his intention to create jobs. It is his intention to present a plan that he KNOWS the Republicans must reject. This allows him (as usual) to point the finger of blame at Republicans, claiming they are getting in the way of job creation.

Of course, that claim is bull, because his plan would not create any jobs, and he knows it. But that does not matter. All that matters to Mr Obama is that he can blame Republicans, and increase his chances of re-election.

And Republicans MUST reject such a plan, because we already know those things do not work - each has been tried, and all have failed to produce jobs. Republicans cannot vote to spend more taxpayer money and increase the debt just to prove Obama does not have a clue. That would be irresponsible.

But I almost wish they WOULD pass his plan - then perhaps even the duped idiots that keep supporting his insane policies will see them for what they are - useless, and a danger to our nation's future.

But then, we know that will not happen. No matter how much he fumbles; no matter how badly he damages the economy, his uninformed, blind followers will follow him right off the cliff, just like the rats that followed the Pied Piper.

And Republicans will refuse to PAY that piper. They will vote "no" on any plan that will not help REAL businesses to create REAL jobs.


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