Sunday, December 22, 2013

When A Liberal Is Not A Liberal

There are liberals, and there are far-left liberals. Liberals on the far left are anything but liberals. They are communists and socialistys looking to dominate the world by controlling all individuals from cradle to grave.

In the dictionary, the definition is as follows:

lib·er·al (adj) - broad-minded: tolerant of different views and standards of behavior in others, and protect the personal freedom of the individual

Now ask yourself - whenever a far-left liberal tries to shut down or penalize opposing viewpoints, would you call that "tolerant of different views"? When a so-called liberal calls respected scientists who dispute the Global Warming theory as "backward deniers", would you call that "broad-minded"?  And when these same loons believe that it is okay for personal freedoms to be sacrificed for the sake of some political agenda (TSA, NSA, IRS scandal etc), would you say that is "protecting person freedom"? And when a "liberal" calls the self-proclaimed slut*, Sandra Fluke, a hero, but calls Sarah Palin, who has been true to one man for 24 years a slut, would you call that honest? (*The unmarried Sandra Fluke gave a speech that said she had sex so often she could not afford birth control.)

No. Those "liberals" who espouse such things are not liberals - they are tyrants, with an appreciation of the principles of communism.

So, if you consider yourself a liberal, you may want to re-evaluate your beliefs to see if you are truly a broad-minded person, respectful of others views and rights, and a protector of personal freedom. If not, then you may need to accept what you really are - an intolerant bigot that believes in the right to oppress others and force others into obedience and virtual slavery.

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