Tuesday, December 17, 2013

There Is Only Need For ONE Law In America

America was founded on the principle of liberty for all. And to achieve that, there only needs to be ONE law - if a person is not harming anyone else, is not depriving anyone of their life, property or liberty and is not preventing anyone else from exercising their own liberties, LEAVE THE PERSON ALONE!

Only one law, but the degree to which a person violates it would determine the degree of punishment. So, you would receive much more serious punishment for murder than for stealing a candy bar. But there would be no law against building a garage on your property, or, as happened in Garden City, NY, men ticketed by police for washing their car in their driveway.

America, however, is no longer a free country. Americans have forfeited their liberties right and left, by liberal loons bent on regulating every breath you take. With regulation comes control, and with control comes the power they thirst for.

It may be getting close to a time to once again throw off the yoke of tyranny, as we did in 1776.

A note to government: LEAVE US ALONE! Government only has two functions granted them under the Constitution - the common defense to protect us from foreign enemies, and provide for the GENERAL welfare (not SPECIFIC, INDIVIDUAL welfare). All other "to do's" granted to the government are off-shoots of those two things.

Every American citizen should be free to do whatever they wish, provided it causes no harm to another or to the community in general, and does not infringe on the right of others to do the same.


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