Thursday, December 12, 2013

Has American Foreign Policy Been Backward?

When I was a kid in school (that was a LONG time ago), I was often faced with bullies - those who mostly were bullying others. And I learned how to deal with them - with force. And I noticed a strange phenomenon - whenever I fought a bully and bloodied him, he always ended up becoming a close friend. I believe it has to do with respect for strength and moral terpitude. And I also noticed something else - the kid I was protecting, or helping, would end up treating me with disdain. I am not a shrink, but I believe this result comes from his dislike for being indebted, and a strong feeling that by protecting him, I made him appear small and weak. He then had a need to prove he was not small, nor weak, and would become my enemy in an attempt to prove himself.

Now I look at America's foreign policy. And in case you never noticed, the countries we beat in war invariably became our staunchest allies - we beat the British - twice. We beat Germany. We beat Japan. We beat Italy.

On the other hand, the nations we have befriended have all become our enemies. When the Axis of Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) tried to take over China and Russia in the late 1930's, we aided China and Russia with weapons and raw materials. We helped them beat back the aggressors. And within one year of the end of WWII, both Russia and China had become our worst enemies.

And look today - we helped Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya. And would you call any of them our allies? Not hardly. We even helped Osama bin Laden beat back the Russians in the 1980's - only to have him become a mortal enemy.

The more I look at history, and its results, the more convinced I am that Mother Nature had it right all the time - survival of the fittest. The strongest. Perhaps instead of cozying up to other nations that are not our allies, we might be better off just beating the crap out of them when they get out of line and do things that adversely affect America.

Kick asses!

There's nothing quite like being respected. As long as the butt-kicking is deserved, and is for the right reasons.


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