Thursday, December 19, 2013

Homosexuality On The Rise - Why?

Is there a conspiracy between the government and certain corporations to control population growth by "forcing" homosexuality? Before you laugh it off, perhaps you should mull over a few things.

Ever since the early 1900's "progressives" have espoused population control. Many have even called to allow euthanasia of the "useless elderly". And ever since the 60's, those same progressives have been pushing "abortion at will". But it goes much deeper than that.

Every educated person knows it to be a fact that soy is full of female hormones. They also know that an infusion of female hormones can actually alter a persons sexuality. That is simple science. Yet, despite that, almost every brand of baby formula is made with soy as a primary ingredient. And almost every major food producers includes soy in their products. Heck, don't take my word for it - read the labels! Pick up ANY jar of "natural mayonnaise" and you will find the first and primary ingedienmt is soy.

The American public is being fed a huge amount of soy, complete with its female hormones. And since it begins with soy formula at birth, is it any wonder that a larger percentage of our children are growing up homosexual? Studies indicate that homosexuality has more than doubled in the last two generations.

Understand - the food manufacturers could not be doing that without the full consent of the FDA. And you certainly know that the FDA is aware of the female hormones in soy.

So here is what we have - progressives (both Democrat and Republican) wanting to control the population. And they have controlled the government 70% of the time since Teddy Roosevelt. They control the FDA which allows, even encourages the wide-scale use of soy in all food products. And virtually every food manufacturer puts soy in almost every product they make. In fact, the two most harmful ingedients for human consumption - soy and wheat - are also the most prevalent. Wheat, as most informed people know, is the primary cause of obesity and many of today's ailments. But just try to find any food (other than natural fruits, veggies and meats) that does not include it.

So, you tell me - is there a correlation? Could it possibly be an intentional conspiracy to control population growth in an over-populated world?

I understand the possible desire to control population, but when you consider our enemies - China, Russia, and every muslim nation - is actively TRYING to over-populate while America dies on the vine, then all I can say is the days of American sovereignty are sorely limited.


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