Friday, December 6, 2013

The Non-Sense Behind Gun Control Activists

In Indianapolis, a newly minted gun-control activist, Shannon Watts, founder of the organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, wants to pressure businesses, especially national chains, to ban guns. "Businesses have to make a choice," Watts said in a recent interview. "They can side with the gun lobby, or they can choose to protect their customers."

Now, doesn't that sound reasonable? Not to people with any common sense! Here is what these gun control nuts do not seem to comprehend:

1) Any person intent on murder is not going to be deterred by any law, rule or policy. If stores ban guns, the killers will still bring them in. As a point of fact, almost all mass shootings occur in places where guns are not allowed - schools, for example. The law or policy does not prevent a homicidal maniac from  committing murder.

2) By banning guns, activists are advertising to homicidal psychopaths that this place is easy pickings. No one here is armed, so there is no one to stop you.

3) If gun owners were encouraged to come to a store armed, there are two possibilities - a) psychopaths will go elsewhere to murder innocent people, and the store owners are protecting their customers, or b) if a homicidal maniac does come into the store, there may be someone who can and will stop him.

The point is simple - no gun control law or policy will prevent a maniac from being a maniac. Such laws only create "green pastures" for killers. It's like saying, "Hey, psychos, we're unarmed. Come and get us."

Bear in mind, too, that the cities with the highest gun crime rates are those with the strictest gun control laws, and the places where guns are formally banned (like schools) are the primary targets of these killers.

So, whereas everyone already knows these things, why do the gun control nuts continue to push gun control? The answer is right there in front of you - CONTROL. These people do not want to control guns - they want to control YOU!

That is the one, singular underlying premise of progressive liberalism. Control. Control what you eat, what schools you can attend, what drugs are legal, whether you can smoke pot but not cigarettes, whether you can put an addition on your home - they even control masses of people through entitlements.

It's never been about guns, folks. Just control.


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