Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christians Take Note - The Bible vs Homosexuality

As an American, and as a Christian, I am getting fed up with the BS from both sides concerning homosexuality. Please bear with me a few moments, and perhaps a few things will become clear enough to help clear the air - which would do us all a lot of good.

The LGBT community spews its hate and intolerance of Christian beliefs, and say we should stay in the closet. They, of all people, should know that it is wrong to be relegated to the "closet". They want to make their beliefs and desires as public as possible (have you seen a "gay pride parade?), but demand that religious people should not have the same right of freedom of speech and the right to express oneself. To them I say BULL!

On the other hand, many Christians are also on the wrong side, as they have been misled by their "leaders". Most Christian (and Muslim) leaders teach that homosexuality is a sin, because God (or Allah) says so. WRONG! Nowhere in the Bible is God attributed with saying homosexuality is a sin. What the Bible DOES say, however, is that homosexuality, and a man laying down with another man is an "abomination". Look it up - an abomination is not necessarily a sin.

A "sin" is a wrongful act and generally considered morally reprehensible. An "abomination" is nothing more than something that is an abnormality of nature. Big difference, folks. If homosexuality were considered a sin by God, there would be Eleven Commandments.

A mutation is an abnormality of nature, but it is not a moral sin. And therein lies the difference.

Homosexuality is an abomination of nature because the primary purpose of life is to continue life - survival of the species. The Bible calls it "going forth to multiply", to propagate. Any living thing that does not propagate is not normal in nature. It is an abomination, by definition. But failing to propagate is not a sin.

So, here is the crux - homosexuality is not a sin, in and of itself, and should be tolerated better by Christians. But on the other hand, homosexuals should not try to put forth that their lifestyle is in any way normal, or natural. It simply is not. And it is a sin to try and force their beliefs down our throats as much as it is a sin for us to try and force our beliefs upon them. Homosexuality does not make them sinners, but being intolerant of those who do not accept their lifestyle is, indeed, a sin. Insisting on others being tolerant of you while being intolerant of them is wrong. Period. And that goes for both sides.

Christians do not - and should not - have to be accepting of the LGBT lifestyles if they find it to be an abomination, but they should accept that people who are different have a right to be different. They should not be condemned for their lifestyle, provided it does not include anything that IS morally reprehensible and sinful, such as child molesting or bestiality.

And the LGBT community does not have to accept the tenets of any religion, but neither should they be intolerant of them, nor call upon religious people to hide in a closet. In fact, THAT would be a sin, since every major religion includes a requirement of its followers to "spread the word" and convert people. To do any less would be a disservice to ones religion.

That said...

Each of us is unique - different from everyone else. If you do not want to be vilified for your differences, do not vilify others for theirs, unless theirs is morally reprehensible. Homosexuality may be abnormal, but it is not morally reprehensible. If you doubt that, try actually READING the Bible yourself.


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