Friday, September 20, 2013

Would You Kill Hitler?

QUESTION: If you could safely travel back to a time when Adolph Hitler was a child, and could get away with killing him, then return to your own time safely - would you do it?

If you answer "yes", you might just be a bigger monster than Hitler, inadvertently. Let's take a brief look at just one of the consequences...

70 million people died due to World War II. Had they lived, and each had an average of just 2 children by 1970, and each of those had 2 children by 2000,  each of whom had 2 children by 2025, the population of the world will have increased by a whopping 2.7 BILLION souls. That's an increase of nearly half what the current population is. And by 2050, the world population would exceed 16 billion.

At 6 billion today, we are having a difficult time feeding everyone. If the population triples, more and more land must be used for homes, workplaces, schools, roads etc, leaving even less land available for growing food. Food supplies would dwindle as the population rises.

Famine would spread, and as people perish from starvation, more disease would visit us. It could make the Black Plague look like a church picnic in the park. Billions could - would - perish.

And all because you went back and snuffed out Hitler. Who, then, would be tasked to travel back in time to murder YOU?

The good Lord knew what he/she was doing when we were created to be aggressive mortals. Imagine if no one ever died in ANY war, from Day One. Mankind would have become extinct hundreds of years ago, whereas the population would have reached tens of billions long before technology or science could have ever hoped to provide answers.

In order to survive, life must work in cycles, and those cycles include death. Too many rabbits results in more wolves being able to survive, resulting in a glut of wolves, which, in turn, reduces the rabbit population. As rabbits disappear, the wolves starve, and now it is their turn to see a reduction in their number. As wolves die off, rabbits are once again able to proliferate. And so the cycle goes. It may sound cruel, but it is the only way that life can sustain itself, and maintain a balance. Ebb and flow, just like the tide.

By trying to eliminate war - or even death - Mankind is inadvertently striving to make himself extinct, rushing headlong into a mass destruction of his own making.


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