Monday, September 30, 2013

MORE Bogus Polls From The Liberal Left

Today on AOL/HuffPost was this dubious headline: "Obamacare Polls: Little Support For Defunding"

If not so dishonest and pathetic, it would be comical, since all legitimate polls show a minimum of 53% of Americans - a mix of Republican, Democrat and Independent alike - want ObamaCare gone.

And even the far-left liberal polls, which are designed to cater to the liberal bent, also show a huge number want ObamaCare gone.

The polls Huffington Post cites are (5) polls by very far left organizations whose followers are obviously biased in favor of liberal ideals:

PEW - only 50% were opposed to defunding, in spite of PEW readers being liberal

Kaiser Family Foundation - only 56% opposed to defunding, even though you cannot get more liberal than Kaiser

CBS/New York Times - only 56% opposed to defunding - not surprising considering how liberal these pollsters are

CNBC - Only 44% opposed, meaning most of their readers - liberal - want ObamaCare gone

HuffingtonPost/You Gov - Only 42% opposed in spite of their far-left readership

What these polls show is that even among liberals, almost 50% of those polled would like to see ObamaCare defunded, although the HuffPost headline would have you believe otherwise.

And when a true, representative cross-section of Americans are polled, anywhere from 53% to 76% want ObamaCare repealed.

The point - Before putting much faith in polls, know the SOURCE, and know how the questions were actually phrased.


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