Monday, September 9, 2013

How The Left Is Destroying Our Children

If you are not aware of the moves the left iis making that are ruining our children and their chances for success, then you simply are not awake.

A child works hard to be the best at soccer. But the game does not permit scoring, as that would somehow shame the losers. So, everyone wins. Except, of course, the children who actually work hard at it. They receive no sense of fulfillment or accomplishment. They get the same reward as the child who spent his time playing video games and eating Twinkies. So the child grows up believing that it does not pay to work hard at anything, or to be better.

Lefties all over the country are banning things like dodge-ball at school. They say it is to protect the children (none of whom have ever suffered any real injuries from dodge-ball). But in their misguided effort to "protect" the children, they are robbing them of the essential need to compete, and to become strong. Dodge-ball, King-of-the-Hill and other such games teach our children the value of becoming strong, and how to strive for what you want. I'll bet the soldiers who stormed the hill on Iwo Jima and raised the flag had learned a lot from having played King-Of-The-Hill.

The uber-liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has found that parents have no right to decide what type of instructions their children get on sex, or when they should receive such instruction. They also decided that a child as young as 12 could get an abortion without informing the parents.

Teachers in many states no longer grade a child's paper or test, for fear of causing shame. I guess no one ever told the idiots on the left that "shame" is a strong motivational factor that actually HELPS people to improve.

Over the last few years there have been literally hundreds of such instances where the left has taken actions designed for the sole purpose of weakening the strong, to create a level playing field for the weak. That is back-asswards. We are supposed to be strengthening the weak, not weakening the strong.

Political correctness and the wussification of America has gone too far. If you are unwilling to stand against the onslaught of the left to destroy our children, then you get what you deserve - a nation of weaklings that will never again be great.

"Only the strong can afford to be gentle and kind." Kahlil Gibran


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