Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Bogus Poll From Huffington Post

We all know how far-left the Huffington Post is (Arianna Huffington is a declared socialist), so it is not surprising that polls emanating either from them or those they agree with would be, shall we say, corrupt?

Well, now they have a poll conducted by the far-left University of California that says a majority of gun dealers support expanded background checks.

Setting aside the liberal bent of the pollsters for a moment, let's look at their "data":

1) They identified 9700+ dealers in 43 states, but only sent their survey to 1600+ - I would wonder how they determined WHICH 1600 would get surveys

2) Of the 1600, only 590 responded. When you consider that most people only respond to surveys they agree with, I would not be surprised to find that the bulk of the remaining 63% were OPPOSED to expanded background checks

3) Of the 590 respondents, only 327 said they support expanded background checks.

So, let's see - of 9700 dealers, of which 1600 were contacted and only 590 responded, only 327 support expanded background checks.

Even if we assume that is 327 of 1600 (instead of the 9700), that's still only 20%. So I find it disturbing that UofC and HuffPost somehow consider that a "majority".

I have often said you can make any poll or set of statistics "prove" anything you want. To substantiate that, I had two people run a poll on alcoholism. One was stationed outside a Baptist church, and one outside a popular bar. The one outside the chuirch indicated that no one is an alcoholic, while the one outside the bar showed that everyone is an alcoholic.

And the far-left is really, really good at skewing polls and statistics.


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