Friday, September 20, 2013

A BIG Problem With ObamaCare

A friend of mine approached me a bit ago with a huge issue. He earns about $40,000 per year - too much to get any substantial subsidy for Health Care under ObamaCare. He is self-employed, and therefore his health costs are completely on him. Insurance for him and his wife would run nearly $15,000 per year.

He simply cannot afford to be forced into that. His mortgage, alone, is $18,000 per year, leaving him with about $22,000. Of that, almost $6,000 a year for all utilities (heat, electricity, cable, DSL, phone etc.), leaving about $16,000. If he were to buy insurance, he would only have about $1000 a year for groceries, clothing, transportation (car, gas, oil, insurance, registration, tax), life insurance and all other normal costs of existence.

Yet, ObamaCare mandates he get insurance or pay a hefty fine.

Just another reason ObamaCare should be dumped, and a better system developed. A system that lowers the cost, rather than putting everything in the hands of an incompetent and wasteful government.


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