Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Putin Pulls An "Obama" On Obama

Over the last few years we have seen countless times where Obama and his minions would make a phony offer to Republicans that sounds really great, but includes a poison pill to insure Republicans would say "no". This allowed Obama to blame Republicans for on\bstructing just about everything.

ObamaCare had a few good things in it, but tons of bad things. When Republicans balked at trhe bad things, Democrats would accuse them of wanting people to die.

Same thing happened in the fight overr the debt ceiling. And again over the sequester.

Well, now it seems that what goes around, comes around, as Vladimir Putin is doing the same thing to Obama. First, he offers to get Syria to give up its chemical weapons, and when Obama grabs for that lifeline, Putin snaps it back, saying he will only do that if Obama swears not to attack Syria, regardless of the eventual outcome.

As President, Obama simply cannot agree to taking military action off the table. So, it ends up with Putin looking like he TRIED to do a good thing, and WANTED to, but that big, bad President Obama refused to cooperate.

Sound familiar? I wonder how Obama likes being on the receiving end of such subterfuge! He and the Democrats have been pulling that sort of thing on Republicans for years. I once posted a story about this sort of thing in 2010, concerning a land I called "Pindarovia".

Putin's stature rises in the world, while America's stature shrinks...

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