Sunday, May 16, 2010

Solution To Illegal Immigration

The following solution to the problem of illegal immigration is so simple and so effective that neither the right nor the left will like it, because it will not fuel their political agendas. But with an issue such as this, we would all be better served to leave the politics out of it.

1) Secure the border. Before a doctor can operate and fix a problem, he must first stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient.

2) Only AFTER the border has been secured, offer every illegal who is already here a choice. The choices are as follows:

CHOICE #1 - Pass a criminal records check and we will issue you a guest worker permit, and you can stay as long as you wish without fear of deportation as long as you abide by our laws and respect our sovereignty. This is not Mexico - we fly the American flag. The one stipulation is that every three years the "guest worker" must return to his homeland for 30 days, to insure he does not forfeit his own citizenship in his own country. However, under NO circumstances will he ever be permitted American citizenship. We do not reward bad behavior, and coming here in violation of our laws and disrespecting our sovereignty means you forfeit any path to citizenship. No exceptions for guest workers.

CHOICE #2 - If your really want to be an American citizen, return to your homeland and re-enter legally. There is NO other path to citizenship. Period.

Here is why the right will not like this - it allows the illegals to stay, which they would view as "amnesty", even though there is no path to citizenship.

The left would never vote for this because they want every illegal alien to become a voting citizen - because minorities tend to vote Democrat because Democrats pass, and protect, the entitlements that minorities have become addicted to.

But in spite of their arguments, the solution offered here is not only fair, but is simple and would work. And that is what we need, is it not?


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