Wednesday, May 19, 2010

El Presidente

It seems Mexico's President is among the world's greatest hypocrites.

First, he says the illegal immigration problem is our own fault, for not curbing our "desire for drugs".

Then he says the Arizona law "discriminates against Mexicans". No, it does not. Like every other law on the books it discriminates against law-breakers. If you cross the border illegally, you have broken the law. And laws are designed to punish law-breakers. If most of them are Mexican, then perhaps President Calderone needs to work harder to improve things in his own country so his people do not need to come here to survive.

Calderone also says we need to do more to improve our government. That is really absurd, coming from a man who cannot control his own.

And he goes on to say that America needs to welcome Mexicans. Oh, sure - meanwhile, Mexican law says anyone crossing THEIR border illegally goes straight to prison.

What a hypocrite. And any American who agrees with Calderone is even worse, because having the benefits of being American, they should know better.

There are 6 billion people on this planet. About half would prefer to live in America. If America were to have the "open borders" that liberals want, there is no way we could sustain a decent standard of living - America cannot sustain or support ten times its current population. Or even double the population.

Not to mention, with open borders the people who want to kill us will be able to come here, also.

Look at our overcrowded schools, going broke - can we triple or quadruple the number of students by opening our borders?

Look at our over-burdened health care system - can we triple the number of people using it without creating dire consequences?

Our crowed roads and highways, already cause for much road rage and millions of wasted hours in traffic, and millions of wasted gallons of gas. Imagine tripling the number of vehicles!

Then they would all need homes - where to build them? Because they would also need jobs and services - which would use up all available room in our landscape.

Multiply the amount of living space, parking space, working space and road space required by an extra 300 or 600 million people. Real estate is not expanding - there is what there is, and when it's gone it's gone.

Now ask yourselves - is that the America you want for your children?


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