Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moron Or Con?

OK, so the King of Global Warming hysteria is Al Gore. That's a given. We accept that. And according to "Chicken Little" Al, global warming will raise sea levels 20 feet - coastlines will be gone, and the oceans of the world will reach a mile or more inland.

But now we find out that Mr. Chicken Little just bought a $9,000,000 mansion in California - OCEANFRONT PROPERTY!

OK, Mr. Gore - either you believe your own hype and you are a complete moron for wasting money on a home soon to be under the Pacific, or you do not believe your own BS and you are a master con artist.

I already know the answer. But each of you readers should think about this, and come up with your own.

My answer: he is a con artist when it comes to global warming, AND he is a moron for thinking we are all so brain-dead that we would not notice he bought this place. And frankly, I am sick and tired of politicians and elitists thinking the rest of us are a bunch of idiots and sheep.


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