Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loyalty? Not FromThe White House

Last year, Arlen Specter defected from the Republican party to be a Democrat. President Obama then said he "loved Arlen Specter" and would "support him in the Pennsylvania primary".

Last week Arlen Specter asked Obama to PLEASE come and support him in the Pennsylvania race.

The White House response: Arlen supported TARP, the Stimulus and Health Care. We got what we needed from him. And then promptly refused to support him.

Looks like the White House has rats - the kind who desert sinking ships in order to cover their own butts. They certainly know nothing of loyalty, but seem to know a lot about betrayal.

Here is the untold story...

Obama refused to campaign for Specter because he knew what everyone knew - Sestak would be a stronger candidate against Toomey in November. They knew Specter could not beat Toomey. So, as is typical of the Liberal Machine, they threw Specter under the bus in order to further thie own agenda.

There was a time when I was keeping track of the people Obama threw under the bus. But I lost track. Ayers, Wright, ACORN, his grandmother, his aunt, his half-brother, Specter...



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