Friday, May 7, 2010

16 Months

For 16 months President Obama has been promising to put JOBS as the #1 issue he would tackle. And for 16 months he has tackled health care, Guantanamo, Cap & Trade, Immigration and numerous other issues - and he STILL is not focused on JOBS.

Mr. President, we don't ask for much. But if it would not trouble you too much, could you please try to squeeze JOBS into your agenda?

We know you really do not want the economy to improve - it would be so much easier to push through your socialist agenda if the people are desperate and fearful. Make things bad enough and folks will grasp at any straw - even Marxism.

Perhaps that is why, of all the issues you have tackled, none were designed for improving the economy and all were designed to put us further into debt.

In that regard, Mr. President, from the viewpoint of other Marxists and crime leaders, you have been quite successful.


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