Friday, May 21, 2010

The Sandbox

I don't know about anyone else but I am getting sick and tired of a government run by immature, highly incompetent imbeciles.

Today, on orders from the administration, ICE (immigration enforcement) has declared they
will refuse to do their job and not handle any illegal immigrants picked up by Arizona.

How childish - "If you don't want to play MY way then I'm going to pick up my ball and go home." Hey there, ICE - you are being PAID to do the job, so DO it or get the Hell out of the way for people who WILL do it!

Anyone - EVERYONE - who voted for Obama should be thoroughly ashamed and disgusted by now. So childish, yet still a Chicago mobster at heart. Remember when he said he was "going to focus like a laser on jobs"? Have you seen any of that yet? I haven't. Instead, he focuses on every socialist issue the progressives have been trying to get done for a century. Nothing on jobs. Nothing!

And how about that bipartisanship? His idea of bipartisan is "we'll make all the rules and laws - you just sit down, shut up and vote for it or we'll call you obstructionists."

Transparency? What a laugh. All back room, closed door dealing, and hiding everything. They won't even let the press ask a nominee for the Supreme Court any questions at all. None! And he has not had a press conference since last July!

Maybe would should include a "probationary period" with the presidency - if he isn't doing what he promised in the first year, we could simply pull his probation and send him packing.

I see all the terrible damage this "comic-in-chief" has wrought upon us in just 16 months and it really scares me that he has another two and a half years...


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