Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Winning" The Hard Way

Well, here we go again!

In the Senate race in Minnesota, the Republican, Coleman, beat Democrat challenger Al Franken. However, because it was close, there must be an automatic recount.

Suddenly, hundreds of "new" ballots are popping up out of thin air - all favoring Franken. One ballot counter (a Democrat, by the way), suddenly found a bunch of absentee ballots in the trunk of her car - all were mysteriously for Franken. And what, pray tell, were they even doing in her trunk? And the town of Mountain Iron suddenly recorded an extra 100 votes, all for Franken, AFTER the election. Since these are taped in that municipality, they were asked to produce the tape for verification. And guess what? The tape was dated November 2nd - so it was created even before election day, though the 100 new votes appeared on Nov. 6th.

So far, there have been numerous instances of ballots mysteriously coming to light, all favoring Franken. How can that be? Frankly, it CANNOT be.

And now it comes to light that the guy in charge of the recount - another Democrat - is affiliated with the group ACORN, which has already been shown to be involved in voter fraud.

It is high time that we, the people stood up and demand that voting be cleaned up, once and for all. Get ACORN out of this entirely. Prohibit anything that even so much as provides an opportunity for fraud. Force each municipality, county and state to be accountable for accuracy in voter regfistration, and control of ballots. If the chain of evidence is broken, as in the case of those ballots found in a trunk, the ballot does not get counted. Period.

As for the "motor voter" law the Democrats and ACORN pushed through in many states, it should be outlawed for several reasons. First, it encourages fraud when a person can register and vote at the same time, so the registration cannot be verified as legitimate. And it does not allow for new information coming to light in the late stages of the campaign - if a person votes in September, and it comes to light in October that the candidate is a criminal, it is too late. The ballot cannot be changed.

I believe we should all have one week in which to vote (except legitimate absentees, who may vote earlier), and registration must be at least 3 months prior to an election. In this manner, illegal registrations can be ferreted out before fraud can be committed. Voter fraud cannot occur without voter registration fraud.

ACORN says such measures would keep the poor from voting. I fail to see how. If the poor can show up to register in September, they can show up to register in July. If they can show up to vote in September, they can show up to vote in November. The ONLY reason ACORN and the DNC wants the motor-voter laws to stand is so they can intimidate poor people into registering AND voting all at once, to insure that they do, indeed, vote. And to provide a fertile ground for fraud - a registration filled out today cannot possibly be verified today. So allowing registration and voting simultaneously does nothing except promote fraud.

The point is clear, and this joke of an election in Minnesota proves it out - we need to take strong measures to insure honesty, integrity and legitimacy of the voting process, or we will no longer have a democracy.

I do not doubt Franken can, and probably will "win" in Minnesota, since ballots in his favor are popping up everywhere. I may even have some in my glove compartment. But if he does "win", understand that Franken, originally a comic on Saturday Night Live, will be a part of making a comedy of the entire Senate, and of our election process. How can there be any respect for anything the Senate does if it is done by people who were not democratically elected?

And the entire nation should be thoroughly ashamed of Minnesota - first, for giving a convicted tax cheat and liar more than a half dozen votes, and second for allowing the democrats to so blatantly steal the election. I do not know of a single person who believes that all of those "sudden" and "mysterious" ballots for Franken that are showing up only after the election are actually legitimate.

Franken is an un-funny comic. But the comedy of the Minnesota election process is even less funny!


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